Natural Salt Tea Light Candle Holder

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Item #         Weight.          Product Code.

S-5b          0.5-0.7 kg         78611050

SCH-01        0.7-1 kg.          78611051
SCH-02        1-1.5 kg.          78611052

SCH-03        1.5-2 kg           78611053

The elegant looking tea light candle holder is a natural formation of Himalayan salt crystal, with a flat base to ensure stability, and  a depression in which a tea light candle can be installed.


  1. Handmade of Natural salt T.L from the Himalayan Salt.
  2. Each candle holder is unique.
  3. Ionizing properties.

1 review for Natural Salt Tea Light Candle Holder

  1. Kuku.

    I like it this product. 💕❤

    • Ijaz

      Thanks Dear KuKu,

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